Together We Grow

The 127th running of the Boston Marathon and the B.A.A. 5k was the stage last weekend for much joy when 42 teammates gathered to connect with new friends, reunite with old friends, share, laugh, and celebrate the power of recovery and healing. They collectively raised more than $245,496 so far, to support the work of Herren Project. The entire weekend was a celebration of relationships, hope, and growing good, TOGETHER!

Boston Marathon Team

BAA 5K Team Herren Project Runners

In the words of just a few of our remarkable marathon teammates:

I have never smiled so much while running. Herren Project & Pam thank you for trusting me to represent your work with honor. Running with Team Herren Project has been my most inspiring feat. I am so grateful to 

your work to help provide free access and resources to individuals and families suffering from substance use disorder and addiction. For those of us who have lost our loved ones to this disease, your efforts are a bright light of hope for recovery.

Running Boston has never been about the mileage, but more so what you run the miles for. This is why I decided to forego an opportunity to drop out despite an injury. I am so proud to say as of today we are up to $20,163 for Herren Project. To all who donated or shared the link, thank you for making such a significant difference. I appreciate your words of support and encouragement more than I can say. It is because of your generosity Herren Project can continue to change the lives of those suffering from substance use disorder and addiction. It is because of your vulnerability to support a cause with so much stigma that we are able to change the conversation around addiction, one step (marathon) at a time. Sarah, Boston, MA

“Experienced marathoners or newbies…we supported each other to the starting line and beyond…The day started out wonderful and just got better, despite the rain. I feel like you are all, as Tara said, not a team but a family. And, thanks to Pam for making it all happen. You are one of a kind and the organization is so lucky to have you! My husband and I are adding Herren Project to our annual list of charity donations.  My life is forever changed.” DeeDee, Kildeer, IL

“It truly has been a memorable experience. Chatting with other friends who ran for charities, the Herren Project team was so much more than just a fundraising group. I really appreciate all the support along the way and can’t believe how organized, helpful and responsive you and your team have been every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!” Ben, Charlestown, MA

Jacqui Boyko and fam

“I will never forget my Boston experience and it is all thanks to you all. I was so nervous. Thank you for being so kind as I struggled to get words out sharing about my brothers. Coming up on the one year of youngest’s anniversary since his passing…not wanting to get out of bed, to now meeting you all, and being a Boston Marathoner… your stories gave me the drive to keep pushing when miles got tough… all the memories. I am so honored to have taken on this journey with you all.” Estrella, San Antonio, TX

Boston Marathon Teammates

“For real, I did not think I could finish this race, I was limping two weeks before, and really needed a miracle to be able to finish 26.2. If I was running this race just for myself, I would have quit at mile 8. Having heard all your stories, I was able to find the strength to push through pain and finish the race. When the miles got tough, I thought of how brave you all were in sharing your stories. I thought of Pam saying, “We don’t HAVE to do this, we GET to!!!” I thought about all the people who would give anything, just to be able to run.” Brianna, Worcester, MA

“From my perspective, we arrived in Boston as fundraising teammates, and we left as family.  My chest is sore from the expansion of my heart this weekend!  We Recover, We Heal, We Run!! TOGETHER!!  Thank you, Pam, for bringing us together and fostering a lifetime of connection and love.” Tara, Tappan, NJ

Boston Teammates

“I have been trying for a week to find the words to describe the feelings I have had since running Boston with this amazing group of people. And quite honestly, I can’t. … Boston has certainly changed me. Just like losing my brother changed me. Both of these experiences fundamentally changed who I am. I can’t fully explain how or why, but I feel it in my heart. Boston may have been my first time running for Herren Project, but it is definitely not my last! I have said thank you to you many times over the last six or seven months. Please know I genuinely mean it every single time. Jacqui, Wells, ME

BAA 5k Group photo Jaren Hudgins Team Herren Project Boston Marathon Runners

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