I made a dumb choice at the age of 15 or so….i lost my chances and abilities to play the sports that i loved in basketball and baseball…i was NOT a bookworm…so, i searched for a group that would love and accept me as i was…and i found that group…i got high for the first time during my sophomore year of high school….little did i realize that “fun” time would take me on an 18 year drug addiction of a battle i never thought i would come out of…that is why i have been able to connect with UNGUARDED and Chris Herren in such a way….i understand the dark days of an addiction…but, today i am and have been sober for many, many years…its been so long, i dont even count any longer…it has not been an easy journey for sure…but i would NOT trade one moment of one of those dark days with where I am today….i am able to talk to, help, encourage and pray with people that i come across each day of life…i am finally pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse…it is NEVER too late to answer GODS calling on your life…i am living proof that LIFE IS WORTH living….dont give up….dont ever give up! I met Chris and spent the evening with him at the IBA awards banquet in June…this young man did an incredible job that night…he brought the house down with his transparency….YOU TOO HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF…and that means ADMITTING COMPLETELY AND TRANSPARENTLY…you have a problem…asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness…it is truly a sign of STRENGTH….i was blessed enough to set across from Chris Herren at the IBA awards…i tell my Chris Herren story because it is an incredible story for me to share…redemption is possible….YOU HAVE TO DECIDE…make the right choice today! your future is counting on you!

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