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Case Managers & Care Coordinators

Supporting Others in a Time of Need

Case Managers and Care Coordinators

Helping Clients Access the Resources they Need to Recover from the Disease of Addiction.

Herren Project’s Recovery Team works directly with case managers and recovery care coordinators at treatment facilities to ensure every aspect of a client’s recovery journey is met. We are committed to making a smooth transition for anyone seeking treatment for addiction or to continue their recovery journey in a sober living environment. Case managers are an essential part to the recovery journey, advocating on behalf of their client’s needs and providing resources to ensure successful recovery.

All case managers and candidates (clients) will be required to submit personal statements as to why they and their client deserve a scholarship, and how it will support their recovery goals. To receive a recovery scholarship for sober living, candidates must be in an addiction treatment program and be referred by a case manager or be a current Herren Project client.

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The journey to recovery is worth it.

If you are a case manager at a treatment facility starting an application for a sober living scholarship on behalf of a client for drug or alcohol addiction please use this inquiry form.


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Impact Stories

Building a Life They Are Proud of

After treatment we stay with individuals as they continue on the road to recovery helping them to build a life they are proud of. We have walked with hundreds of individuals and families on their personal recovery journey – with compassion, respect and commitment – becoming part of our Herren Project family. Meet these inspiring men and women.

Herren Project partners with trusted top-quality drug and alcohol treatment providers nationwide to provide individuals with the best care possible.

Since 2011, Herren Project has walked with over 1000 men and women, placing them in quality treatment programs to start their path to recovery from the disease of addiction.

Herren Project has also secured over $3.3 million in quality rehabilitation services and programs for drug and alcohol treatment.

* numbers through FY 2019

Addiction Treatment You Can Trust

Herren Project has navigated the complex web of drug and alcohol addiction treatment for thousands of individuals and families across the United States. We have placed people in detox programs, inpatient facilities and long-term recovery programs to find the quality treatment they need and deserve.

Finding quality treatment for the disease of addiction is a number one priority at Herren Project. We work with a trusted network of drug and alcohol treatment facilities across the United States. Every addiction treatment facility we refer to is vetted by our team of trained clinicians and recovery professionals through site visits and ongoing communication as well as approval by our treatment advisory board, made up of trusted people throughout the field of addiction.

Interested in becoming a Herren Project Treatment Partner?
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“The beauty of living in sobriety is that you find the silver lining in your saddest stories. You make peace with the past.  You forgive and you allow yourself to be forgiven.” – Chris Herren

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