I have been clean from heroin since the year 2000. Over 16 years. Sounds good, and undoubtedly it is. I have however struggled to have a ‘normal’ life. More out of work than in. Long periods of time being single. No needle in my arm though. It is only really in recent months that I have begun linking diet, exercise and challenging the negative internal dialogue that led me first to speed, then heroin. I think I was staying clean with willpower alone. Not realising I could gain strength mentally and physically by changing what I eat, taking supplements and being vigilant in challenging the negative and defeatist thought patterns. And I still have addiction issues. So I am still on the pathway. I don’t think going cold turkey works for everyone. Never did for me. I used Naltrexone, also called Revia to quit heroin. I desperately wanted to live. Naltrexone gave me the chance to step back and develop my will. I had to learn to associate smack with everything miserable about it; dead friends, social outcast, homeless and hurting. My point is, if you give up heroin, or whatever your poison is, it’s a beginning, not an end.

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