My journey began over 15 years ago. My son was a running back for his high school team and had loads of friends and the normal ups and downs as he entered adulthood. He started to have many mood swings and began to lie. All of these things were so different for him. As parents, we attributed this to some bouts of alcohol or teenage rebellion, but we were so wrong. He became, in a short period of time, a heroin addict. We pleaded with him, cried for him, but to no avail. He was arrested for heroin possession with intent to deliver. This was after many stints in rehab. Our fear had become a reality…how sad that when your son is in jail you think “at least he is safe and not using.” He had a few more rehab stays after his release but with God’s guidance, he is now a drug free man with a beautiful child of his own. Parents think “not my child,” but drugs know no class or position. Never give up, never stop loving. When that person closest to you is down, they need you more. God bless all who fight and remember, you got this.

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