My name is Don Davis I’m married 20 years on Sept 18, but together for 10 before that. I’m been in recovery for 27 years. I went to rehab when I was 22. Grew up in an Irish- Catholic family, one of 8 children. Very athletically competitive family. My father was an alcoholic who died a day before my 16th birthday. Throughout the past 20-something years, I had led a strict life, very physically active, running numerous marathons. The gym was a big part of my life.

Last August 9th, I underwent open heart surgery at to correct a congenital heart valve issue . The surgery was a success and ( I believed ) and I was on a road of recovery. This year, August 19th I turned 50. August 20th I called my wife at work and told her she needed to come home I was sick. We have a 6 year old son Finn School has not gone back yet. I work at night as a supervisor for the Housing Authority and watch my son during the day. My wife assumed it was my heart. I continued to call her telling her to hurry home. When she arrived at our house my brother (a scranton police officer) was there. I called him too.

They were flabbergasted when I told them that I was going through withdrawals. I had tried to quit on my own. Flabbergasted is a understatement . My families lives where turned upside down at that point. My brother called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. The next day my family took me to Marworth Treatment Center in Waverly PA. I was addicted to painkillers after my surgery; something my family did not think would be a issue. I eventually tunned to Herion, I had been doing that for 8 months. My insurance only paid for 9 days in treatment, so I did intensive outpatient for 2 weeks.

I am currently going to meetings everyday and working the 12 steps. At this time, I learned about Chris Herren and I can’t tell you what an inspiration his story has been to me. I related to Chris’s story on numerous levels and has been an integral part of my recovery Thank you for letting me tell my story. I hope it will help someone out there.