THP Runs 2018 Boston Marathon Team Member

Elaine Keating
Willoughby, Ohio

I am an avid runner who started in high school, and eventually led to marathons. I started running longer distances as an outlet for myself until I finally worked up the courage to run my first marathon in 2009 with the help of many inspiring friends. I then set my sights on the goal to run a marathon in every state before I turn 50. The 2018 Boston Marathon will be my 52nd marathon and 39th state!

I wanted to run for The Herren Project because of my family history. My dad battled alcoholism his entire life and I watched what it did to our family. And just this past October, my cousin passed away from a similar challenge. I see what THP has done to help people live a better and happy life – isn’t that what we all want?

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