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Family Support Group

Family Support Group

Monday:  8:00pm
Tuesday:  5:30pm   |   6:30pm   |   7:00pm
12:00pm   | 5:00pm   |   8:00pm
  7:00pm   |   10:00pm

Family addiction support groups are for individuals who have a family member or significant other struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is a “family disease.” An addicted person not only negatively impacts their own life but also those around them. Families of addicts struggle to cope with their loved ones’ addictive choices and find themselves struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and anger.

Herren Project’s family support groups provide a safe peer-to-peer environment where family members can work through feelings with others who have shared experiences. Group members will have time to express concerns, ask questions, and share progress and celebrate victories about the effect the abuse of substances has had on their family. Counselors will also educate group members on topics like codependency, how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, and self-care.

All family addiction support groups are led by licensed clinicians and social workers who have experience in drug and alcohol-related addiction counseling.

All groups meet on EST.

Support groups meet weekly in an online video classroom and are offered free of charge. All you need is a computer or phone to join.

All are welcome and participation (speaking/sharing) is not required. You must be 18 years of age to participate.

Groups are limited in size to offer the best level of support and education and may be closed from time to time. Please check specific registration forms for details and to be added to the waiting list.

Rebecca Helman O'Dowd herren project grief support group leader

Rebecca Helman O’Dowd, LICSW
Lead Clinician

Mon at 8:00pm
Thurs at 7:00pm

Dena Henry

Dena Henry, MA LPC
Group Facilitator
Wed at 12:00pm

Ginger Stephens

Ginger Stephens, MA, LPC, LCDC
Group Facilitator

Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Heidi Platt

Heidi Platt, MS, QMHP, SUDCC-IV-CS
Group Facilitator
Tues at 6:30pm
Thurs at 10:00pm

Louisa Gould

Louisa Gould, LICSW
Group Facilitator
Wed at 8:00pm

Joy Ferney

Joy Ferney, LICSW
Group Facilitator
Tues at 7:00pm
Thurs at 7:00pm
Wed at 5:00pm

To register for any of Herren Project’s family support groups sign up here:


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