Ask The Clinician

What is a detox?

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A drug and alcohol detox is a medical facility where people go to break the addiction to a physically addictive substance. A stay usually lasts 5-7 days. Common physically addictive [...]

What is rehab?

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A rehabilitation facility is an inpatient facility where people go to break the dependency on a psychoactive substance such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs. The typical stay is [...]

What is a CSS?

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CSS stands for clinical support services. It is a residential post detoxification treatment program for men and women in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. These programs serve clients [...]

What is a TSS?

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TSS stands for transitional support services. It is a program similar to a CSS (see ‘what is a css?’ above), but without the clinical component.

What is a half way house?

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A half way house is a transitional living facility typically utilized after an inpatient stay for those in recovery from substance use disorder. Some half way houses require residents to [...]

What is a sober house?

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A sober house is a residence within the community that is typically overseen by a house manager that is in long term recovery. Many sober houses require residents to pass [...]