Good afternoon! My name is Gary and I am an alcoholic. I am 66 years old and I have been without a drink or drug for over 15 years. I had the distinct pleasure to hear Chris speak at the Kate Walton Field Hose in Kingston NY last Wed. evening. It was the most powerful story I have ever heard.

My story is similar to everyone else’s story regarding what I had lost or could have lost and the trouble that I was able to escape without doing time. However, during these past 6 years I hadn’t been going to meetings or “doing the work” needed to be SOBER. It all came to a head when I heard Chris speak last Wednesday.

I realized, that once again my life had become unmanageable. I was living in the past and not letting go and letting God. I had been complaining about the state of the world, country and my job (you see I’m still working at 66 as I made stupid decisions when I was using in my younger years). This built up resentments, a bad attitude rage,anger and low self esteem. I was virtually drunk once again.

I was listening to Chris speak at the “Field House” as I mentioned earlier. There are no coincidences. You see, I graduated IN that field house 49 years earlier. I was VP of our Senior Class, Pres. of the Athletic Council, on the Exec. Council of Student Council, Captain of both the Cross Country team and Track team. Qualified for the NY State track and Cross Country championships 3 years straight. I had scholarship offers form many colleges and universities. The success that I seemed to have planned for myself did not come to fruition for many different reasons, which ultimately led to my path to self destruction.

Toward the end of Chris’s presentation/sharing, he stated that his wife asked him to pick up his shaving gear on the bathroom sink and put it away. He stated that he realized for the first time in a long time that he was able to shave in front of a mirror and not in the shower.

I equated that statement to be the same as me going back to the Kate Walton Field House as my mirror and being able to look at the past and know that today I am dry and NOT sober……I knew then that I needed to go back to “the rooms” and start living SOBER. I have been going to meetings commencing last Thursday morning and know I am on the right path to sobriety.

I have 4 children ranging from 28 – 40 and they go through difficulties from time to time. I know I need to be sober in order for me to be the father that they need to help get them through their trials of life. I truly feel blessed to have been able to get back to the “rooms” without picking up or using. I will be able to re-hone the tools I need to live a sober life, as well as to have the ability to give my children and grand children good advice and direction so they will be able to make intelligent decisions regarding their growth as maturing human beings.
I feel blessed to have been able to share this short journey with you. I hope that these words make some sense to whom may be reading this.
Thank you for letting me share.

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