Anyway, I recall watching Unguarded with my HS son in our living room and he was riveted.
I knew he would be.
I knew he was high risk and I knew who I had been at his age.
I knew his friends and……. Well I just knew
As a sophomore guard playing Varsity outside philly….Unguarded was almost an unfortunate future biography
He eventually led the county in scoring, league player of the year and still…… we all just knew
Within 3 years of first seeing Unguarded he was off the court with a major ankle injury, and eventually a checked-out college freshman dropout with a full blown drug addiction
As we saw the physical, emotional and psychological wasting over the past 5 years we went through many phases as you can imagine
2 weeks ago he showed up on our porch and said “I love you and I need help”
While in his first week of living at rehab, while going off opioids – on a trip to local HS (while he puked the whole way in a bucket) – he saw Chris Herren speak live
“I felt he was talking to me”, my son said
“He was and has been for 5 years”, I replied
I love you Mom and Dad and thanks

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