Herren Project Live

Live Candid Conversation with Game Changers in the Addiction, Recovery & Prevention Community

Herren Project Live

Live Conversations Focused on Addiction, Recovery, Wellness and Prevention

Join Herren Project Executive Director, Bonnie Sawyer and Youth Engagement Specialist, Isabelle Boullier, every Wednesday on Facebook and YouTube Live for 30 minutes of candid and fun conversation with different members of the addiction and prevention community. Each week a different guest joins us to share their experience and expertise about how they are making a positive impact in today’s addiction crisis and recovery.

Topics discussed include: personal stories of addiction recovery and loss, overcoming the challenges of addiction to drugs and alcohol, recovery and prevention resources, and the steps community leaders are taking to affect change. This light-hearted live-streamed format provides for an educational experience as well as getting to know many of the people that make up the addiction, recovery and prevention community.

Join us every Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET on Facebook and YouTube.

Catch any past episode on our YouTube Channel or Facebook page.


Episode 1
Kristin Young & Pam Rickard

Episode 2
Alan Porter & Dennis Vanasse

Episode 3
Brian Sances, Pamela Hogue & Andy Sharry

Episode 4
Izzy B, Eric Daddario, Matt Conley

Episode 5
Sean Rose, Scott Waldrop, Lori McCarthy

Episode 6
Joseph Early, Jr & more

Episode 7
Jared Henry & Rebecca O’Dowd

Episode 8
Chris Herren

Episode 9
Cathy Andreozzi & Sue Cunningham

Episode 10
Jenny Swider & John Hock

Episode 11
Mike Blanchard & Dan Brunelle

Episode 12
Carleen Matthews Segment

Episode 13
Meg Brunelle & Bonnie Sawyer

Episode 14
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Episode 15
Mia M & Ryan Connolly & Josh Kraft

Episode 16
Esther Hurlock & Kara Jelley | Aubrey Wilsey

Episode 16 (b)
MA Governor Charlie Baker

Episode 17
Josh Gentry & Ayanna Parrent

Episode 18
Rob Granelli, Oaks Recovery, Patrick Balsey & Suzanne Hole

Episode 19
Alan Scherer, Joleena Mikolazyk & Paul White

Episode 20
Lori Soderstom Santos, Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez

Episode 21
National Recovery Month | Marissa Cagnina & Jeff Giammalvo

Episode 22
Jamie Pina & Karen Herrand of ROAR | Brandi Williams 1st HP Alum

Episode 23
Immersion Recovery

Episode 24
Robyn & Jimmy Bakes and Jordan Richichi

Episode 25
Andrew Canny & Sandy Danault

Episode 26
Erin Chace, Liz Mullin & Marc Spivack

Episode 27
John Hinton & Rebecca Elwell

Episode 28
Melodye Conway & Tom Speare

Episode 29
Jamie McDonald & Denise Mariano

Episode 30
Chris Herren

Episode 31
Lana Atamian & Katarina Gillespie

Episode 32
Matt Ganem & Greg Nance

Episode 33
Brandon Novak

Episode 34
Jocelyn Coughlin, Alyssa Richard & MaryEllen Mcgorry

Episode 35
Sandi & Ray Nypaver and John Seed

Episode 36
Sam Markle & Claire Akin

Episode 37
Jocelyn Coleman & Jennifer Fox

Episode 38
Eric D. & Izzy B.

Episode 39
Michael Hull and Dee Fraser & Abby Stenberg

Episode 40
Tom Rickard & Jillian Moriarty

Episode 41
Becky Coburn & Luke Kendall

Episode 42
Tim Sawyer & Patti Bergbuchler

Episode 43
Debbie Berndt & Hayley Avino

Episode 45
Wes Geer & Constance Scharff

Episode 46
Nick Correia & Claire Akin

Episode 47
Jim Miceli & Anthony Bizzotto

Episode 48
Steve Peterson & Haily Pratt

Episode 49
Deb Troiano, Linda Philips-Kline & Charlie Engle

Episode 50
William Morrissey, Mike Daley & Brittany Murphy

Episode 51
Jan Osborn, Robin Bagwell & Nick Mercadante

Episode 52
Izzy B Hosts Kevin Q & A

Episode 53
Kate Sharry & Shikara Fernandes

Episode 54
Brian & Kimberly Ready

Episode 55
Robin & Jan Guest Host Heather Ormand

Episode 56
ASK CHRIS with Guest Host Izzy B

Episode 57
Jen Breeds & Nick Dougal

Episode 58
The Burgh in NYC Team

Episode 59
Heidi Platt & Jennifer Fox

Episode 60
Aaron Guckian and Rick & Tina Rader

Episode 61
Kathi & Chris Sullivan

Episode 62
Stephen Knight & Jack Maroney

Episode 63
Bonnie Sawyer & Angel Gallegos

Episode 65
Brian Cuban

Episode 66
Jonathan Dagher

Episode 67
Allison Terlacher & Pam Rickard

Episode 68
Victoria Farrell & Amy Helena Bush

Episode 69
Kristie Sievers & Natalie DeLa Cruz

Episode 70
Greg Nance & Rebecca Elwell

Episode 71
Michale Roderick & Rose Austin

Episode 72
Jamie Pina & Karen Herrand of ROAR & Victoria Farrell

Episode 73
Heather Herren

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