On April 21, 2015, after 4 detoxes and immense pain and suffering, I decided to take the leap of faith THP offered me and flew to Great Oaks Recovery Center in Egypt, Texas. After many years of opiate and alcohol abuse, my life progressively turned to shambles. I struggled maintaining consistency in my 7 year old son’s life, financial disarray, social isolation, poor decisions made in my career, and a teaching job almost lost forever. I am coming up on 23 months of sobriety by the grace of God and my life has made a profound change for the better. Just last month, Chris visited my middle school to talk to my students. Two years earlier, I was called into the Principal’s office in this same school and told my contract was on the verge of non-renewal. I knew I needed to change my life so I could be an asset to myself and others and to bring this message into my school was something I’ll never forget. If we can prevent ONE person going down the dark and lonely road of destruction, mission accomplished. I have a life today that I would not change for any nip or pill in the world! God willing I am sober today and take it ODAAT (One day at a time). All I have is today to make a difference.

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