One Man’s Journey of Recovery From Addiction

Jared’s addiction controlled his life for years. After being hospitalized numerous times and almost dying, Jared knew he needed help… but he couldn’t do it alone. With Herren Project by his side, he was able to get the support and treatment he needed to recover. Herren Project provided Jared with treatment placement services and stayed by his side as he did the work to heal his life from the effects of substance use disorder.

After gathering information from Jared about his addiction, his needs, his insurance, what had worked in the past and what hadn’t, the treatment team at Herren Project put together a recovery plan to help Jared heal. Herren Project assessed his situation, contacted treatment facilities and coordinated his intake process to ensure that he was set up to succeed. With Herren Project handling the specifics and advocating for Jared’s best interests, all Jared had to do was pack a bag and get to the airport.

Jared’s time in treatment helped him look within himself to uncover what led him to using substances in the first place. He took his healing into his own hands and did the inner work necessary for him to recover. It comforted Jared to know that Herren Project was still there for him – whether he needed help setting up an aftercare plan or just wanted some emotional support.

After being discharged from treatment, Jared kept in touch with Herren Project. He has stayed committed to his recovery and implemented various practices to continue to improve his life. Now, Jared is proud of who he is. He has his family back and works at a job he loves. He is still connected to Herren Project and occasionally writes blogs for the website.

Jared is grateful to Herren Project for saving his life and thanks the donors who made it all possible.

To support people like Jared in their journey of healing, make a donation to Herren Project today.

If you are struggling but ready to recover, Herren Project is here to provide you with help getting into treatment for addiction and substance use disorder. Reach out to our recovery team to take the first step.