The Road to Recovery from Addiction

Many students who enter college quickly become enamored with a newfound sense of freedom, left to their own devices and making decisions on their own for the first time in their lives – sometimes with no awareness of how detrimental some of those decisions can be.  Jason was no exception.  With nobody to pull in the reins on his casual opiate use, his relationship with drugs quickly evolved into everyday use.  In the same time period, Jason brought a son into the world, though even the gift of a child could not curtail his addiction to substances.  As his son grew older, Jason was in and out of detoxes like a revolving door, often times getting high again on the same day he was released. However, one day Jason realized he had enough and was willing to commit to the next stage of treatment after detox.  Jason entered a halfway house and upon completion, realized his best chance of long-term recovery was to enter a sober living environment, but he lacked the financial means to do so.

Jason then applied for the Herren Project scholarship – a decision he believes was the difference between living on the streets again or worse, dead, and where he is today.  Jason was awarded a scholarship for sober living where he was able to be surrounded by like-minded people who supported his goals and aspirations in recovery.  Additionally, Jason received guidance from a Herren Project recovery coach; a person who Jason could relate to and could keep him on the right path in the process.

Today, Jason looks back on the past few years of his life in awe of the transformation from where he was before and the man he has become now. Jason is amazed every day at the gifts a life in recovery brings, including having his son back in his life along with a girlfriend and a loving, healthy relationship with his family.   Jason finally feels prepared and ready to live his life to its fullest potential and is grateful that Herren Project’s belief in him has transformed his life in every way.

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