Jennifer Costello
Portland, OR

I ran the Portland Marathon in Oct 2014, after giving birth to twins in January 2014. I was so happy to be running and off 5 months of bed rest, I didn’t want to stop! Only problem was…I lived a double life. I am an alcoholic, have been all my life, but things really took a turn after the twins were born. These beautiful little babies did not care that I drank too much the night before. They were awake at 5 AM and wanted so many things from me.
I decided to run the Portland Marathon, because alcoholics can’t run marathons. Not true. It can be done. I had my drinking/training schedule worked out perfectly. At the finish line, I cried in defeat and unhappiness. I had accomplished nothing.

To everyone I was a supermom of twins, marathon runner and multiple sclerosis warrior…what can’t she do? Stop drinking. I could not stop drinking. The next year was hell and the rock bottom on which I now build a solid foundation. After countless failures, I decided to seek treatment. I surrendered.
I found my higher power and I discovered gratitude and service of others. There isn’t anything I would not do for my sobriety. I have peace. I have freedom. I can sit on the floor and play legos with my 4-year-old twins and want for nothing, except to be in that moment.

I learned about The Herren Project while in treatment. I could not believe it when I read about their Boston Marathon team, a race I have dreamt of running. I truly believe my higher power put this in front of me and I am meant to run the Boston Marathon for THP as a sober and proud mother in recovery. I admire the work THP is doing and I am honored to be a part of it.

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