I’m jessica, a recovering addict. My drug of choice is alcohol. I have been battling this disease for a number of years. after many detoxes, rehabs, programs, halfway houses, etc., I have finally had a med change. I am working a 12 step program, which is essential to my recovery. Being educated about drug and alcohol addiction is extremely beneficial in this process.

It took me losing everything, most importantly my children!, and I still didn’t get what was wrong with me. I denied my problems, insisting I was fine, and living a normal life. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I realized how horrible I felt with and without alcohol. I was ready to kill myself. by the grace of my higher power, which I call God and Jesus Christ, I received a sign. May 2, 2017 I went to detox.

Since then I have gone to multiple programs, becoming informed about recovery and what exactly I need for me to stay clean. I relapsed with 2 drinks after 11 months clean. I went to jail for a month. Was released to do OCC. Drank in june, failing OCC, yet I continued my journey and went back to a program. I had 6 months yesterday, I talk to my children everyday. I’m at a halfway house and am planning to continue on to a sober house in the vicinity of my beautiful children.

Today I have humility, openness, and a purpose. I wake up everyday with positive thoughts and a purpose! My life is giving me blessings all the time. I still have bumps in the road. and not sunshine and roses. I have learned to deal with and handle these situations, being able to sit with emotions, instead of getting high to wish them away.

Thank you for listening. TODAY I AM GRATEFUL!