I’m 46 years old from Boston MA. 15 months sober. My drug addiction begin when I was 21. Cocaine is my drug of choice. I snorted cocaine for many years . During the last 10 years my addiction got out of control. I’ve been in and out of treatment the last few years never putting in the work to be serious in my sobriety. On April 12th 2016 I was sentenced to 18 months at the Dedham House of Correction. I was a broken man who lost my work ethic and desire to be happy. Cocaine use was always fun for me that was no more. Jail saved my life. I decided to put in for a half way house and was released on a GPS bracelet to the Gavin house in South Boston. I was there for a month committed to my sobriety. Then one Sunday night in October 2016 I took a ride in a vehicle. That was against the Sheriffs rules. The next day I was brought back to jail. Heartbroken but not enough to get high. Getting high in jail is easier then on the street. 90 days later the Gavin Foundation and John Mcgan have me another chance . On January 27th 2017 I went to the Hamilton House in Dorchester MA. I graduated after 6 months and am currently at the Gavin graduate house in South Boston MA. My story has a lot of downs, a lot of bridges I burned, a lot of not so nice stuff. But today I’m clean and sober. My goal is to give my story to others who suffer this terrible disease. Today I’m the man I once was. I tell myself that I’m doing the best I’ve ever done in my life. But that’s not true. I wasnt always bad. I think about turning the clock back but I would not want that. That clock has a lot of precious time on it to me, my sons Tyler, 23, Drew, 21 and Nico, 3. My world…. thanks for letting me share.

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