THP Runs 2018 Boston Marathon Team Member

Kate Rewwer
Cincinnati, Ohio

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart (and most awesome man) and mom to our four lively kids, living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also work as a nurse in an orthopedic surgery center. What started as a way to stay fit and burn calories, developed into not only a hobby, but a way of life.

Running regularly since 2008, this sport has provided me with a deep sense of gratitude for the God given gifts of health and peace. Running is a time of reflection, prayer and socializing. I have been chasing a qualifier for the Boston Marathon for nearly nine years, at one point accepting that perhaps it was not to be. Subsequently, I have dabbled in the sport of ultra-running, which I found to be a profoundly joyous and fulfilling type of running. Due to life and family demands, those days of lots of long runs had to take a back seat.

Little did I know that the organization that helped a family member get treatment for alcoholism in a time of crisis, would be the means for my running the race that I had been chasing. I found THP RUNS while researching articles on addiction for a work project. Already familiar with Chis Herren’s story after seeing his documentary, Unguarded, and then hearing him speak at my son’s high school, I knew The Herren Project website would be a great resource. Upon further exploration, I discovered THP RUNS had a Boston Marathon team. I immediately knew that this was the way I was to run this race… not for myself or my own glory, but as a means to assist those who struggle with addiction into treatment. Not only would I fulfill a longtime bucket list item, but I would do it for an incredible organization and cause.

With an extensive family history of alcoholism, I know the importance of education, prevention and treatment to facilitate the recovery process. What a gift and a privilege to be part of this organization and this team! I am so grateful for this opportunity!

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