Spreading the Power of Recovery from Addiction

Kelly M. felt like a lost child from an early age. Having grown up surrounded by alcoholism, Kelly’s home life felt broken, and so did her spirit. For twelve years, Kelly struggled with substance use disorder – first as a way to fit in with her friends but that quickly changed when she discovered they helped to mask her true feelings. Eventually, she found herself stuck in a dark place, emotionally and physically, as she lived on the street and spent time in jail a number of times. Kelly felt hopeless and was on the verge of giving up. Fortunately, in September 2017, Kelly reached out to Herren Project’s Treatment Coordinator, Angie Tibbetts as a final call for help.

kelly found treatment for addiction

With her health declining, Kelly desperately needed help but knew she couldn’t do it on her own. Herren Project was able to place Kelly in recovery housing where she was given the guidance on how to live life substance free and to accept herself as she is. Most importantly, Kelly learned through her recovery journey that she was lovable and had people that truly care for her. She has had emotional ups and downs in recovery, but she holds on to what she has learned and reaches out when she feels overwhelmed.

Herren Project assists in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

On June 3rd, Kelly celebrated two years of sobriety and in that time her life has completely changed. Today, Kelly is available as a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. She found a job that she loves and she is continually learning how to build healthy relationships. She is currently active in Herren Project alumni groups and plans to spread the power of recovery as she begins her journey to become a Recovery Coach.

Kelly's recovery journey

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