2015 THP Boston Marathon Team


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Molly CzeslawskiMolly-C

Molly is a chemistry teacher who lives with her husband and two small children in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

She describes running as the balance in her life.

“Simply running the Boston Marathon is a once-in-a-life opportunity, let alone for a great organization like The Herren Project. The work my run will support changes lives, for the better.”

Molly will also run to represent her husband’s group, The Hardwood Hustle Basketball Podcast.

Her finish line song is the iconic, The Eye of the Tiger.



Mitch RogersMitch-R

Mitch is a native of Fall River, MA, graduate of Colby College and partner at, EmPowerHR, a human resource services firm headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. He currently resides in La Grange, IL with his wife, Joann, and two daughters, Kaleigh – 12 and Emma – 10 along with two Labradoodles, Murphy and Brady. Their oldest daughter, Tara, has embarked on her professional career in marketing and resides in Michigan. The Rogers’ family members are avid New England Patriots fans!

As it will be his first, running in the Boston Marathon will be fulfilling a life-long dream. Mitch played football and baseball at Colby and prior to training for Boston, the longest distance he had ever run was 7 miles during off-season training. While he has an eye on a goal for his finish time, it’s more important to him to enjoy the moment and shower in pride as he carriers The Herren Project banner for 26.2 miles.

“I have known Chris Herren for 30 years. He is like family to me. His older brother, Michael, and I were inseparable throughout high school and college summers. I hold many great memories of Chris and his family. No one is more authentic or possesses a greater sense of humility, care and generosity than Chris. He has made an enormous impact on my life in recent years. He has helped me become a better husband, father, friend and colleague. I have witnessed the impact Chris has on people of all ages. His goal is to help people become comfortable in their own skin and be true to themselves with a sense of purpose and values. His message isn’t just about saying no, but it’s more about getting to why and I believe that is most important.”

Mitch decided to run for THP this year because he knows there are many people needing a voice, and he hopes that this, and other running events, will lead to the education and prevention programs to reach kids today, and for years to come.

“When asked to describe an addict, kids often paint a picture of the addict on his or her last day and never the first. Addiction begins with the red Solo cup in the basements of homes or in the neighborhood woods. Early education is critical, and I would like to see our communities and parents taking more ownership.

“I am blessed to have met so many wonderful people through THP. Their dedication and passion shines through all of their actions to support the mission. I will be sure to use their positivity as my fuel to carry me through the finish!”




Bill-SBill Schnoor

Bill, a Yale Law School graduate, is currently a partner at Goodwin Procter, where he co-chairs the firm’s Technology and Life Sciences practice.

While he’s been a runner for more than 40 years, Bill said, “Quite simply I decided it was now or never if I were going to test myself and run a marathon.”

Like most families, Bill’s has been affected by substance abuse. His desire to run Boston, on behalf of The Herren Project, comes from his awareness of the work THP has accomplished over the years.

“THP is having a dramatic impact on the lives of the people and families it touches, and I wanted to help support that effort.”

Bill’s go-to song is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s Thunder Road. After all, he’s originally a New Jersey Boy!




K-MacDougall-boston-profileKristin MacDougall Sullivan

Kristin is a Boston girl who says her inspiration for running is simply the fact that she is healthy enough to do it!

“I love the calming peacefulness of running through Boston and I feel so lucky to have the chance to take advantage of this form of exercise.”

Kristin’s main goal for the Boston Marathon is to finish. This is an especially meaningful race for Kristin, as it will not only be her first Boston, but her first marathon!
Her reasons for choosing to run to support the work of THP are personal and real to her.

“The work of THP is a wonderful part of the recovery community. After witnessing a relative suffer setback after setback when seeking recovery, any help I can give to another human who is struggling with the same issues is amazing. I truly believe in recovery programs and want to raise awareness about the struggle of substance abuse.”

And if you check Kristin’s iPod, you’re likely to find her secret training tool for long runs is not a particular kind of music, but Podcasts! Her favorites include Hardcore History with Dan Carlin.




Lisa-MLisa Mcnamara

Lisa was born and bred in the Boston area, where she met John, her husband of 33 years. Lisa and John are the proud parents of 7 grown children and now make their home outside Richmond, Virginia.

She’s a powerful advocate for recovery, since experiencing her own sobriety and life of recovery over the past 3 1/2 years.

“Stated simply, running has helped save my life! When my mind was muddled, running cleared it. When my body was filled with toxins, running cleaned it. When my soul was parched, running quenched that thirst. Like sobriety, if I stay focused and take it one step at a time, this race called life can be so fulfilling! My family means the world to me. Now, seeing their smiles, the happiness on their beautiful faces, that is what makes me happy. They look at me with pride in their eyes now! With every step I take, training or running a race, I literally feel like every strike my foot makes on the pavement is one more step away from my mistakes of the past. Addiction falls farther behind me, I’m moving forward, growing stronger, more confident, knowing the disease of addiction is fading in the rear view mirror, a small, weakening, defeated foe.”

Lisa’s goal for the 2015 Boston Marathon is to savor every step and take in every moment.

“While many others will concentrate on personal best times, I intend to soak up every fans cheer and every step I take, knowing God has blessed me with a second chance and the new found strength and the will to go beyond the old boundaries I had limited myself with.”

Lisa chose THP as her Boston Marathon charity because she “loves their amazing enthusiasm and loyal determination to work together as a team to help addicts & their families. With every step we take we can and will make a difference! I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this team!”

Lisa’s go-to song to give her a kick in those final miles is Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, by Coldpaly. She said it was the song she heard as she crossed the Richmond Marathon finish line and her tears were flowing like a waterfall!

“Realizing that my life is such a gift, but with each tear I’ve cried, I’ve gotten back up, learned that I can do anything if I just try and give my all!”




richard martin boston bioRichard Martin

This February 2015 marked Richard’s 10-year anniversary of sobriety.

“It has been a long-held dream of mine to be part of this magnificent Boston Marathon event. My experience has taught me that dreams become realities, once you get sober.”

As a direct result of getting sober, Richard’s son and daughter, both college-aged, have had the benefit of a sober, present and available father. He said the family trips to Ireland, his involvement with theater projects on Cape Cod and simply being available for friends and family, are all possible due to his recovery.

“These are dreams I hoped for, prayed for, back when I was first putting the pieces together, one day at a time. Now, my family will support me, as I support them, while I stand at the starting line of the Boston Marathon. Recovery is a beautiful thing, indeed.”

For the last 9 years, Richard has worked in the field of addiction, as Director of Risk Management for Gosnold Treatment Center, on Cape Cod.

“I get to see first-hand, on a daily basis, the benefits of recovery and the sad consequences for those who continue to suffer. I am honored to be working with, and running for, The Herren Project. The work they do not only saves the lives of suffering addicts, they also help families heal and recover. When it comes to protecting our youth from the deadly effects of drugs and alcohol, The Herren Project is part of the solution. Please help support the message of recovery and donate. Thank you.”




CindyCindy BeMent

Cindy is a proud Hoosier, who just relocated to Smith Mountain Lake, in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Cindy and her husband, Doug, have a teenage daughter, Lexi, and son, Brendon, who is in his 2nd year at Indiana.

“My over-arching inspiration for running is to be the best me possible, for my family, for myself and for the world around me. Running never fails to teach me something, and it always reminds me to be grateful for who I am and for the life I lead,” Cindy said.

Cindy is also running with The Herren Project Team using her own, qualified spot.

“This will be my second Boston, with 2013 having been my first. Since I didn’t run it in 2014, my goal is to have the day I intended to have in 2013 and to honor the victims of the bombings in my own way. I want to have fun, be grateful for the privilege of running this iconic marathon, meet tons of new friends and choke up as many times as possible over the unyielding support of the people of Boston who line the course to cheer on strangers like me on race day.”

Cindy says it’s witnessing the work of THP, making a positive impact in the lives of both teens and adults, that drew her to want to run for this purpose.

“What attracted me is the focus on youth – right where I personally believe efforts in prevention, especially, are lacking and even just plain out-of-sync with today’s teenagers. Chris Herren is a powerful anchor and he’s humble and approachable at the same time. He draws people and creates captive audiences wherever he speaks. That has to be getting through,” said Cindy.

Her go-to song? That would be Right Now by Van Halen. “Catch your magic moment – do it right here and now.”




Richard DRichard Dodd

Richard is another speedy runner who is running his 6th Boston Marathon this year with The Herren Project, using his own qualified spot. He credits God and his sobriety for his ability to run.

“My inspiration for running is the God of my understanding, who gave me the ability to do so! I squandered that gift from 2004 through 2008, when my alcoholism consumed me – but now, at 7+ years Sober, I’ve returned to running marathons to please God.”

Richard made raising funds and awareness for THP his focus for Boston this year.

“I’ve already smashed my initial fundraising goal, but hope to continue collecting pledges right up until race time. I will enjoy running the race in my THP singlet! I chose to run for THP due to my longtime friendships with Pam Rickard & Caleb Daniloff, and my total belief in what THP is doing – especially at the high school level!”

Richard doesn’t run with music, but says the song most often in his head is Wave On Wave by Pat Green: “Mile upon mile I got no direction; we’re all playing the same game; we’re just looking for redemption; just afraid to say the name!”





Katie-GKatrina (Katie) Hamilton Gewirz

Splitting their time between Washington, DC and Middletown, RI, Katie and her husband Steven have two sons, Jack (17), Malcom (16), and three Chocolate Labs who are part of the family too.

After her small floral design business succeeded and grew, Katie decided to pull back a bit and “make it small again, so I can travel, run & be with family.”

While her hobbies include cooking, gardening, swimming, triathlons, yoga and hiking, by far, her favorite is running!

Katie says, “It’s a true passion from which I draw physical, mental & emotional strength. I’ve run 56 marathons, including 7 consecutive Bostons for which I have qualified. My times range from 3:41 to 5:31 & every run has been amazing, clock time aside.”

Katie is running on The Herren Project Team with her own, qualified spot.

When asked why she chooses to run for THP, Katie said, “My older brother was a heroin addict. My teens & twenties afforded me a front row seat to his life as it crumbled. My hope is that anything I contribute goes towards helping free people from the pain, strain and host of other ills that accompany addiction.”