Parent Support Group

Parent Support Groups

Mondays: 11:00am | 12:00pm | 7:00pm
Tuesdays: 12:00pm

A parent’s natural response is to protect their children from harm. When a parent is trying to manage a child’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, that becomes extremely difficult and emotional. Acting out of love, parents of addicted children often find themselves unintentionally enabling their child’s addictive behavior.

Parent addiction support groups are for parents struggling to cope with an adolescent or adult child’s substance use while offering a supportive environment to share with peers in a similar situation. All groups are led by licensed clinicians and counselors who specialize in drug and alcohol counseling to provide an educational component. Topics include but are not limited to understanding our child’s brain, understanding the effects on the family, codependency, creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, and self-care. All groups meet on EST.

Jessica GortJessica Gort, LMHC
Mon at 11:00am

Lakesha BetheaKesha Bethea
Mon at 7:00pm

Dena HenryDena Henry, MA LPC
Mon at 12:00pm
Tues at 12:00pm

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Herren Project’s Grief Support Groups are for individuals grieving from losing a loved one to drug addiction, alcoholism, or a drug overdose.

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“Recovery is so much more than one person’s journey. It includes everyone who loves them.” – Chris Herren