Project Description

Ginger Stephens

I spent many years turning to alcohol instead of God to meet my needs. I began running daily while I was in treatment for alcohol dependence at Covenant Hills. There they encouraged me to make exercise part of my therapy. Running became a sanctuary where I could clear my mind and begin to heal. When my life was at its darkest, running offered me peace and solitude. I ran my first half marathon in 2011, the year I got sober. Today, running is a vital part of my recovery.

Recovery changed the direction of my life. I went back to school and became a chemical dependency counselor and then went on to complete my Master’s degree to become a licensed professional counselor. Today, I have the privilege of helping others find hope and healing.

That’s how I was introduced to Chris Herren and Herren Project. I would show Chris’ documentary “Unguarded” to my substance abuse counseling groups. They could relate to Chris and his story.

Now I want to help give back in my recovery. That’s why I have chosen to run the Boston Marathon with Herren Project. I want to help give others the gift of recovery.

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