Project Description

Herren Project ambassador

Jaime McDonald

From: Huntersville, NC

What do you do for a living? Co-owner/Office Manager of United Sport Solutions

How did you first connect with Herren Project? I connected with Herren Project in 2015 because of my dear friend, Pam Rickard. Pam and I had become friends in 2011 after meeting at a run in NC. We worked together at a different nonprofit which assisted those in recovery, so following her and her goodness to Herren Project was a no-brainer. My first event with Herren Project was the NYC Marathon in 2015. I went on to run the 2016 Boston Marathon for Herren Project as well as a few location events.

What is your interest in/connection to recovery? I entered long-term recovery on April 25, 2010. I had struggled with my addiction from when I was a teen until I was in my early 30s. After hitting rock bottom, I made the change that was needed to get well. Each day is a blessing. I will forever be grateful for the second chance I was given in life.

Who is someone who inspires you? My wife, Sophie. She is my rock and my soulmate. She is my biggest cheerleader, my calm in every storm, and is the most dedicated, loving person I know. I thought my life couldn’t get any richer and then I met her. As cliche as it sounds, she completed my messy, imperfectly perfect life and I count my blessings every day that she chooses me.

What’s your favorite pastime or hobby? Running, Crossfit and hiking with my family.

What are you most proud of? I feel like for so many years, particularly during my addiction, I simply wasn’t a nice person. I had a lot of demons, struggles, and hatred towards the world. After years of peeling the layers away, I am most proud that I have become a better, nicer person. I know the kindness was always there in my heart, but it didn’t always present itself in the best light. I grow and become better with each day that passes.

What does serving as a Herren Project Ambassador mean to you? Being a Herren Project ambassador for me is about community, making a difference and helping all those that you can reach. I have been open about my addiction, recovery and the struggles with it all for most of the 10 years I have been in recovery. While everyone has their own path in their journey, my goal is always to be open, truthful and welcoming to all that need and want a friend to lean on, a helping hand and a second chance at life. Everyone deserves that.