Project Description

Kimberly Ready

Where do you call home? Greenwood, SC

What do you do for a living? Advocate for recovery and wellness of individuals, families, and communities. Co-Founder of Oaks Recovery Center in Greenwood, SC. Life Story Coach & Continuing Care in Recovery Services. Family Recovery Outreach Specialist.

How did you first connect with Herren Project? Through our relationship at Oaks Recovery to provide affordable recovery resources. Today, we now have beautiful relationships with the team members as well.

What is your interest in/connection to recovery? I am recovering from the impact of addiction from the family side. I have seen the power and restoration of recovery through my life and countless many others. I want to help as many people, families, and communities experience the same freedom in their experience, strength, and hope.

Who is someone who inspires you? Anyone who has the courage to share their story and carry the message to others. I believe we all have a story to tell that can change the world. My husband has been my biggest encourager and has modeled what it takes to walk confidently and courageously in recovery. He inspires me every day.

What’s your favorite pastime or hobby? I love to read, run, and eat FOOD!!

What are you most proud of? Being able to use the challenges and struggles in my life to bring hope and healing to myself and others. For a long time I hid in the shadows of shame and conviction. Today, I stand proudly and authentically in my truth and growing my connection to God, myself, and others.

What does serving as a Herren Project Ambassador mean to you? I am honored to share the power of recovery, healthy connection with others, and wellness in self-care and awareness. I also believe it is important to share awareness of the impact of substance use disorder and how we can all be part of the solution. I know as an ambassador, I am advocating and supporting a mission and part of a team that will help reach and change the world. Together, We Recover.