Liz Grenier

Liz Grenier

Liz Grenier is a 39-year-old living in Lowell, Massachusetts with her husband and their 1-year-old daughter. She grew up in Tyngsboro, MA. She started running because her father registered her for cross country her freshmen year in high school. She continued to play field hockey in the following years and even played at the collegiate level for two years and lacrosse all four years. Liz’s fathers move to get her running resonated throughout her life. After college, she moved to NYC and started walking around her new neighborhood. When she told her father how much she loved it, his response, “that’s great, now pick up the pace.”
She took his advice again. Since she’s run two full & two 1/2 marathons with Team in Training (raising money for Leukemia research & family support); in 2015, her 1st Boston full, raising funds for Dana Farber; and in 2018, her and her sister Jane ran Dublin, just for fun!

Her father passed away in 2017, but he’s with her on every run. Often the loudest before a run she’s really dreading because the weather is about to turn. She can hear him “encouraging” her to “hurry up, and get out there”. 

Alcohol and substance addiction is no stranger to her family and friends. She could not be more passionate about raising funds to support the Herren Project, as she know firsthand the difference turning to Herren can make.

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