Mary Waldrop

Mary Waldrop

From: Wake Forest, NC

What do you do for a living?
I’m a massage therapist and deliver produce for a local company that supports NC agriculture. For Living, I enjoy spending time outside, communing with nature, practicing yoga, creating in my kitchen, volunteering and socializing with people from all walks of life.

How did you first connect with Herren Project?
Through my hubby Scott Waldrop who first met Herren Project on an impromptu road trip to Boston last April. I was excited to learn of the great work Herren Project does to breakdown barriers that separate people and families who face addiction. Raising awareness through action not only brings awareness of this epidemic but also facilitates connectedness and resources for addicts and families alike. I come from a family of remarkable recovery as well as terrible loss as do many and find peace in togetherness, understanding, hope and gratitude for life that Herren Project stands for. I am honored to stand with Herren Project.

Who’s one of your running or athletic “heroes” and why?
My husband for running because he has shown me what is possible when we don’t limit ourselves or make excuses, (even though I still do J). I am beyond proud of who he is today, his openness, growth, lightness of being, dedication not only to his sport but to his life, as well as the love, gentleness, connection he maintains with our beloved son is beautiful. I have loved him at first sight and knowing, and this sounds cheesy and/or trite, but my heart does grow fonder and has just a lil’ more wonder than I’ve known before. Mid-life awakening J realness.

What are you most proud of?
My awesome sensitive, creative, smart, 15 yr old son and my relationship with my husband and BFF of 16/24 yrs. I am proud to be present these days and feel so full of gratitude at my life that I cry in a great way on the regular! I often use the word wonder-filled to describe this emotion.