Project Description

Valley Recovery Center of California

Sacramento, California

At Valley Recovery Center of California (VRCC), we treat a variety of non-life threatening, subacute addictions. We offer four levels of care with a strict emphasis on being or becoming clean and sober while in treatment. VRCC is an alcohol and drug free environment. The only permitted use of drugs is legally by prescription through VRCC’s appropriately credentialed and authorized personnel (e.g., physician, nurse practitioner). Our levels of care are as follows:

Subacute Detoxification: Clients are admitted into this level of care if they require detoxification at a non-acute level. Clients may undergo physician-directed tapering to wean them off of the addicted substance. At this level of care, clients are monitored frequently to ensure their safety. VRCC recommends a 7-10 day stay at the detoxification level of care depending on the type of substance addicted to.

Residential: Clients are admitted into this level of care to begin the long journey of recovery when addiction has consumed their life and significantly negatively impacted their functioning. The residential level of care is designed to provide a safe environment for clients with 24/7 monitoring and extensive programming seven days a week. Clients will receive a variety of services at the residential level of care including nursing, physician visits, individual counseling, and group counseling. The goal of residential care is to assist clients with establishing a new, positive pattern of behavior that enbcourages them to live their lives substance free.

Partial Hospitalization: Clients are admitted into this level of care if they do not require 24/7 monitoring and programming yet still need substantive programming throughout the day. The partial hospitalization level of care provides programming of at least six hours a day for at least five days a week. Clients engage in group and individual therapy at this level of care with the goal being to provide the structure in their lives that addiction has taken away so that recovery can commence.

Intensive Outpatient: Clients are admitted into this level of care if they do not require the intensity of a partial hospitalization program, but need more structure and support than outpatient care would provide. The intensive outpatient level of care provides programming at least three days a week for at least three hours a day. Clients engage in group therapy and psychoeducation at this level of care with the goal being to assist in fully reintegrating them back into the community with enhanced coping skills and knowledge of addiction to help them maintain their recovery.

Level(s) of Care: Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Recovery Housing
Average Length of Treatment (Days): 120
Accreditations: JCAHO
Insurances Accepted (In Network): Self Pay, Kaiser, VA, Anthem, Cigna, Beacon Health, Optum, Magellan
Insurances Accepted (Out of Network): All out of net of network insurances

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