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Project Here is an innovative public-private collaboration to make substance use prevention education available to every public middle school in Massachusetts. Through integrated in-classroom and digital learning experiences, Project Here will educate young people about the risks and consequences of using and experimenting with substances, empower them to help others, and give them the tools they need to make healthy decisions.

Project Here gives every public middle school in Massachusetts access to research-based educational materials that reinforce healthy decision-making and educate young people about substance use.

Herren Project developed and designed the hardcover and online toolkits in conjunction with the GE Foundation and the MA Attorney General’s Office. The toolkits include classroom materials and other resources with the goal of educating students about the risks of substance use and reinforcing healthy decision-making skills. The educational toolkit is available in both hard copy and online formats to provide schools with access to current and turn-key substance use prevention education resources. The toolkit includes teacher guides, lesson plans, educational resources, posters, videos, and outreach materials.  Herren Project is also providing students with the opportunity to ask questions and connect to a licensed clinician as well as information on the Go Project movement, a student-led awareness clubs that empowers young people to stand up and make a difference.