ROAR – Ride for Opioid Addiction Recovery

If you were in Falmouth, MA, on September 12, 2021, you might have heard the roaring sound of hundreds of motorcycles revving in unison. However, what you may not have heard was the unified call for action and awareness that the motorcycles represented. Founded by Jamie Pina and Karen Herrand, ROAR is a nonprofit organization that hosts rides to raise funds to assist men and women of Cape Cod transition into a new life of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

On that Saturday morning, 375 riders gathered at Falmouth High School to participate in the 4th annual Ride for Opioid Addiction Recovery (ROAR) to ride 40 miles from Falmouth to Barnstable, MA. Herren Project Executive Director was there and shared, “It was one of the most surreal events I have ever experienced. The sounds and feel of over 350 bikes revving their engines and then riding with pride for the cause of addiction gave you goosebumps. It was an honor to witness.” This year the group raised a record amount of $47,000 for Duffy Health Center, Parents Supporting Parents, and Herren Project.

Ride for Opioid Addiction Recovery

Herren Project was a proud recipient of a portion of the funds raised and was presented with $24,000 from the ROAR Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation. This money will help men and women in Cape Cod with a Herren Project Recovery Scholarship allowing those transitioning from treatment seven weeks of sober living and recovery coaching.

We couldn’t be more grateful to Jamie, Karen, and everyone involved with ROAR for the wonderful work and the funds they raise to help people find the gift of recovery. If you’d like to participate in next year’s event, you can find more information on the ROAR website. Next year will mark the fifth anniversary of this incredible event.


Thank you, ROAR, for entrusting Herren Project to use the funds you raised to help hundreds of men and women find recovery.