Stefan Barner
Jamaica Plain, MA

Every year I pick a new mantra to help me focus on personal improvement. Last year’s mantra was “Stop saying I wish and start doing.” This short phrase got me involved with THP Runs. I’d run in a number of races that had amazing charity partner programs, and began to feel like maybe I was missing out on something. I love to run, but thought, wouldn’t it be even more fulfilling to make those miles count by raising money for a good cause? I would often leave a race saying, “I wish I was involved with a group like that.”

Well, not anymore! I began looking for an opportunity, but what I found was my team. Running has been a cornerstone of my own recovery, along with the amazing support of my wife and family. I know I’m lucky because not everyone has the support I have, so I run for The Herren Project to help provide the resources others need to change lives for the better.

Starting my second year as a team runner with THP, there are three things that keep me going: My faith, my family, and the bagel shop girl. I’ve taken Hebrews 12:1 literally and I “run with perseverance” and with thanks for all of God’s good gifts. My family inspires me daily with their support and love. No matter what, I have an amazing team on my side. The bagel shop girl was a woman who saw me wearing my THP shirt at a bagel shop after a race. She said THP had helped her, and she thanked me. I hadn’t done enough to earn her thanks but I’ll keep running for her, and others like her, so they may build a better future.

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