Week 2: Treatment Navigation & Hope

This poem was shared with Chris and the THP team a few years ago by a family in Wheaton, IL and it impacted us all deeply. The poem is framed and on the THP office wall as it sums up the journey and struggle that so many are coping with nationwide. Written just months prior to his death, Keenan Clousing had hope as he faced the disease of addiction, a disease that ultimately took his life at 19 years old. Hope was ever present in his journey and so many like his.



To read more of Keenan’s story please visit: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20140525/news/140528782/

At the Herren Project we work with families and individuals to help navigate a path to recovery, to share a light of hope and assist those struggling with addiction to find quality rehabilitative programs and recovery housing. Each person, each family and each story from across the United States makes an impact on our work and our mission to help others. Looking back over the past five years, the THP Treatment team shares their thoughts on how their work has impacted their life journey.

Over the last 5 years I have had the privilege of being able to help individuals and families navigate there way to a life of recovery. As a person in long term recovery it is a fundamental belief in me that everyone should be afforded the opportunity I had to recover. There is no greater reward than to be able to be part of the transformational process that happens when someone commits themselves to a better way of life.

– Kevin Mikolazyk, President of the THP Board of Directors

Everyday I am touched by the people reaching out to THP for help. Many have left a lasting impression on me I will never forget. Knowing they are trusting me & looking to me for support & guidance during their darkest time is not something I take lightly. There is nothing more meaningful for me then when someone reaches back out and says because of you just being there I have my life back, I have hope again.

– Bonnie Sawyer, THP Treatment Navigation

A large part of my job here at THP is working with the families of those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Many times it’s a parent that will reach out to us, always in fear of losing a son or daughter to this terrible disease. Always in extreme pain. I feel fortunate that here at THP we are able to navigate them in the direction of help, for both themselves and their loved one. Although the story of each family is similar, each story is special. I am fortunate to have learned as much from each of them, as they have from me.

– Kristin Young, Director of THP Clinical Partnerships