Week 4: THP Project Purple Initiative



The THP Project Purple initiative empowers youth to stand up and make a difference. It gives students motivation and support as they embrace a message of education and awareness. Students learn that they do not need drugs and alcohol to meet life’s challenges; that they are good enough and perfect the way they are.

The I AM campaign was developed to help further the THP Project Purple Initiative message and encourage students and people of all ages to embrace and be proud of who they are. Over the past two years we have received hundreds of submissions of the I AM poster, many creative and inspiring.

Loudon County VA I AM I AM Contest

I AM Campaign Goes Big – Texas Style!
The THP Project Purple Initiative was launched at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas by a group of dedicated students including Carson Yeager and advisor, John Hinton. In fact, just this past October Carson spearheaded turning the Dallas skyline purple to bring awareness and support to the THP Project Purple Initiative.

Jerry Sutterfield and his wife Coletta were excited about the THP Project Purple Initiative and wanted to do more to bring the message to the students. Inspired by some large foam letters he had seen in other applications, they set out to produce I AM letters Texas Style! The idea? The student would be the “I” in the I AM providing a perfect spot to showcase their pledge to “Go Purple!”

IMG_2282 IMG_2301

The letters at Johnson County Foam in Mansfield, Texas. The letters are made from coated structural styrofoam.

IMG_2306 IMG_2307

After they were constructed Jerry and Coletta primed & painted them. It took 6 coats of purple paint.

IMG_2320 IMG_6062

Since the unveiling of the letters as part of the 2016 THP Project Purple Initiative launch at Highland Park High School and being featured at the “Heroes” dance concluding the end of the THP Project Purple Initiative week, the letters have been on the move! Under the careful transport and supervision of Jerry Sutterfield the I AM Letters have visited the Highland Park Middle School and most recently community events featuring Chris Herren as a speaker in Highland Park and Frisco, Texas.


As we look back over the past years it is amazing how much the THP Project Purple Initiative has grown. From just one brave student standing up in a school assembly to over 300,000 students and people of all ages taking a pledge to make positive decisions and take a stand against substance use. To cities being lit purple and teens finding a voice; to be proud of who they are. Thank you to dedicated volunteers such as Jerry and Coletta and so many more across the United States helping to share the message and encourage others to Stand Together. Purple. Proud.

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