Herren Project Club Spotlight

Tigard High School’s mission statement is “We build relationships, engage students, and create an equitable community to foster diverse lifelong learners.”  With this mission and purpose in mind, Tigard High offers an inclusive environment in and out of the classroom. Tigard High has welcomed Chris Herren, not once but twice, to speak during school assemblies. Inspired by Chris’ Be You message, Tigard High embraced Herren Project Club as part of their long-standing STUDD (Stop Underage Drinking and Drugs) club.  STUDD is the student sector of the community coalition, Tigard Turns the Tide. STUDD’s mission is “To reduce underage drinking and drug use in Tigard and provide resources that increase positive youth development efforts that promote healthy lifestyles.” With a vision that “Tigard youth are healthy, thriving, and engaged citizens.”  

STUDD student leaders are gearing up for their Club Rush Event this month. These dedicated student leaders host membership drives and Purple Pledge signing events to ensure STUDD continues to thrive long into the future.  

STUDD Group Photo

Thank you to STUDD for spreading the Be You message and encouraging peers to take the Purple Pledge to make healthy choices, live substance-free, and be true to themselves. 

Wellness Pledge

With 40 returning students this year, STUDD hopes to recruit an additional 40 to 50 new club members. STUDD offers a diverse club that is well-known throughout the school and community. Herren Project’s “Be You. Live Well” slogan has been adopted to compliment the many health and wellness activities the club hosts throughout the school year. The Student Guide and Manual, found in the Herren Project Club toolkit, has guided student leaders with prevention awareness, social-emotional learning activities, and substance-free event planning. Through these prevention-related efforts, STUDD provides students with meaningful ways to support, inspire, and empower themselves, their peers, and their community.  

Planning is Key 

Planning plays an essential part of STUDD’s ongoing successful student engagement and community outreach. Student leaders, alongside their dedicated advisors, plan and promote a yearlong calendar of events. This year, they will celebrate National Red Ribbon Week, World Kindness Day, National Random Acts of Kindness Week, Wellness Week with Herren, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, and National Prevention Week. They will also host a district-wide Substance Use Educational Event. Student engagement is high since many of the club’s special events are incorporated into the school day, making student involvement possible regardless of other extracurricular activities. Even club meetings are scheduled every other Friday morning, making Prevention education and awareness a top priority at Tigard High. 

STUDD celebrating National Red Ribbon Week 

To promote a welcoming and inclusive school environment, club members focus their planning efforts on ways to show appreciation for every individual who makes up the Tigard High Community. STUDD club members practice kindness and gratitude on World Kindness Day, with an effort to make every day, Kindness Day. 

STUDD Celebrating World Kindness Day Celebrate Wellness

“Our biggest accomplishment for the year has been our focus on Mental Health and Awareness.” – Connie Ramaekers 

Student leaders go above and beyond to educate students and the entire Tigard community on mental health.  STUDD aims to make resources accessible so individuals can improve their mental health and live happy, fulfilling lives. 

“STUDD is a place where everyone can feel welcomed and supported. It’s a place where we work together for a common goal to make our school and community better.” – Alysa Gilliat, Senior, Herren Project Club Co-President 

Watch the inspiring public service announcement from a STUDD student leader on the difference between mental health and mental illness, and the importance of talking about mental health and breaking the stigma.   

Herren Project recognizes Tigard’s STUDD club for their commitment to the education, awareness, and practice of the Prevention of substance misuse and mental health challenges. Their efforts are making a difference in Tigard and beyond. 

“As a health teacher and STUDD Advisor, the Herren Project has served as a basis for classes and STUDD to come together and run school-wide Wellness campaigns. In addition, Chris Herren’s story is highlighted in my classes every year and it continually inspires students and brings awareness of the importance of overall wellness and decision-making.”- Herren Project Club Advisor  

Herren Project Clubs is a school-based, evidence-informed prevention and wellness program designed by prevention specialists, clinicians, and school counselors to empower students to live substance-free while creating a peer network in schools. Its goal is to provide tools to strengthen social-emotional learning and coping skills to make healthy choices and live fulfilling lives. 

Learn more about Herren Project Clubs and register to start a club at your school.