Tommy Long
Portsmouth, RI

the herren project the runs

I have been surrounded by addiction my entire life. I have family and friends whose lives have been devastated by deaths resulting from the addiction to drugs and alcohol.

I was an active alcoholic since my first drink at the age of 9 years old. My first “official” attempt at getting sober at 18 years of age was 30 days in a Vermont rehab – I wasn’t ready to surrender at such a young age. After years of struggling and the loss of my son, I hit a bottom I couldn’t get up from on my own. In 2004, I went to treatment at Gosnold in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and the foundation for my recovery was laid. As most of us do, I continued to struggle for a time, but on Jan 1, 2018 I celebrated 10 years of continuous sobriety! I have an intimate understanding of The Herren Project and Chris Herren himself…and I believe in all it stands for.

I also believe that anything is possible if we stay sober one day at a time and try to carry this message of hope to others. Today I am a sober father and husband to a wonderfully beautiful, sober wife. I decided to apply for a spot on The Herren Project Runs Boston Marathon Team, was accepted, and now hope to finish and spread the power of recovery and THP!

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