Herren Project is a nonprofit organization offering free resources and support for treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. It was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren, who has been in long-term recovery since August 1, 2008.

After 15 years of battling the disease of addiction, Chris was given the gift of recovery by the Mullin Family. Thanks to the Mullins, Chris completed an inpatient treatment program in New York. Along with their help and the support of his family and friends, he was able to heal and recover, celebrating 11 years in long-term recovery this past August.

As he saw the impact that single act of generosity had on his life, he decided he wanted to do the same for others… and so, he started Herren Project.

chris herren founder of herren project

Since 2011, over 7,000 individuals and families have reached out to Herren Project’s recovery team looking for support and guidance. With the help of Herren Project, 917 people have been placed into treatment facilities along with 471 recovery housing scholarships awarded. Additionally, more than $3.8 million has been secured for clients’ treatment-related expenses through Herren Project funding and advocacy. We have also provided one-on-one support to over 550 family members and virtual online support groups to 450 family members and loved ones.

But our reach extends beyond just individuals and families needing treatment and support. We have led the way with prevention initiatives to empower youth to live healthy, substance-free lives while also bringing positive awareness to the disease of addiction within communities across the United States.


Treatment Placement

Herren Project offers individuals and families unique treatment placement services to ensure that those in need can get into the right treatment center quickly and easily, regardless of finances. We help people navigate through intricate admittance processes, insurance issues and detailed detox requirements, so they can receive the clinical support they need and deserve.

The process of getting into treatment can be difficult for anyone, let alone someone trying to break free from the disease of addiction. Getting help should be easy, so we’re here to handle the logistics and find a trusted, vetted treatment facility that’s right for you.

When someone reaches out to us for assistance with treatment placement, we walk them through the options available to them for treatment while easing their anxiety about taking the next step in their journey. We schedule intake with the facility, coordinate with insurance companies (if applicable) and make sure they are set up for a successful transition into treatment. We also advocate for reduced treatment costs so that everyone in need of clinical support can receive it.

herren project individual treatment services


Recovery Services

Our team is committed to helping individuals successfully transition from treatment into everyday life and build on their sobriety. We know this adjustment can be challenging and overwhelming, so we offer Herren Project Recovery Scholarships to qualified candidates to support those working towards a healthy, empowered, substance-free life as well as alumni groups in MA and FL.

After clients are discharged from treatment, we are often able to offer scholarships for recovery housing at a variety of recovery housing facilities. Qualified individuals willing to commit to continue working towards a substance-free life may be eligible to receive a seven week scholarship to provide rent to a vetted recovery house.

Recovery scholarships also include a personal certified recovery coach for the duration of the scholarship. Recovery coaches meet with clients once per week to help clients establish a recovery plan which includes working on healthy coping skills, implementing self-care practices as well as establishing a strong recovery network and employment. Even once the scholarship has terminated, our recovery coaches are still there for clients whenever they need support or even for just a few words of encouragement.

At Herren Project, we don’t see our clients as just clients. We see them as family and we’re here to walk with them and support them on their journey in recovery.

herren project recovery scholarships and coaching for addiction treatment


Family Support

We offer virtual support groups, guidance and resources to family members affected by the disease of addiction. Oftentimes, loved ones have their own feelings of anger, guilt, fear and frustration and they deserve their own kind of support and healing. Our family services help facilitate just that.

Our weekly virtual online support groups are facilitated by licensed clinicians and can be accessed on any internet capable device – a phone, iPad, or computer. We have groups for spouses, parents, family members and those who have lost a loved one. Virtual online support groups create a safe space to be heard and understood by others who can relate.

These groups address topics like boundaries, codependency, the importance of self-care and hope. They provide support, encouragement and empowerment to help people heal from the effects of addiction and learn how to best support their loved one.

We also offer phone consultations to help family members navigate the treatment system and send healing packages to the families we work closely with.

herren project family support


Prevention & Outreach

Herren Project has a variety of school and community initiatives. Our school-based Herren Project Clubs encourage overall wellness and the development of coping skills, so students have the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges without turning to alcohol or drugs. Our community initiatives, like Awareness Week, raise awareness of substance use disorder and celebrate those in recovery.

herren project clubs substance use prevention

Herren Project Clubs

Herren Project Clubs create a peer network in schools to empower youth to make healthy choices. Through club meetings and events, students learn leadership, self-care, decision-making skills & stress management techniques so they can handle life’s stressors substance-free. These clubs and the school communities that form within them motivate students to be true to themselves and support one another.

Recovery Month

Every September, Herren Project recognizes SAMHSA’s National Recovery Month, a time to honor those in recovery and those seeking it. We host our own events, participate in others and distribute resources nationwide. Check out our 2019 Recovery Month efforts here.

Awareness Week

The first full week of March, we host a week-long community initiative to promote personal wellness and raise awareness of substance use disorder. During this week, we will be hosting Herren Project events locally and nationwide and invite schools & communities to join us.
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Team Herren Project

Herren Project has built a tight-knit community of individuals who are committed to supporting each other and raising funds and awareness for Herren Project. Together, they celebrate recovery, healing and empowerment while participating in various kinds of athletic fundraising events.

Team Herren Project teammates participate in 5ks, marathons, triathlons and Spartan races in the Northeast and nationwide. Occasionally, they even travel to international races, like the Berlin Marathon. Every teammate commits to a fundraising goal for each race to help support Herren Project’s programs and services (and often surpasses it!)

Teammates come from all over the United States and many have been affected by the disease of addiction. Together, they celebrate recovery, healing and empowerment through healthy activities.

team herren project raising awareness and funding for substance abuse



Thanks to our generous donors, all of Herren Project’s services are offered free of charge. We are committed to helping anyone in need, regardless of resources, finances or circumstances. We feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to heal and recover from substance use disorder.

If you’d like to support Herren Project’s programs and services, donate today.

To partner with Herren Project for your fundraiser, contact development@herrenproject.org.