Wing Taylor – THP Runs 2018 Boston Marathon Team Member

Wing Taylor
North Vancouver, BC

After living in Boston for 24 years (and New York for 10), I moved to North Vancouver, BC 13 years ago. I watched the race so many times growing up, and returning to Boston to actually run the marathon is a bit surreal!

This is my fourth season of distance running. I started like so many others – first just walking and hiking, then eventually running, then eventually training for a half marathon. When I pinned on the bib and ran the race, I loved everything about it! So I kept going! I ran my first 100 mile trail race last October at the Javelina Jundred near Phoenix. And bumped into a few THP Runners on the course!

I guess it’s not so unusual, but I started running before I got sober. I guess I knew a change was needed, but I hadn’t yet surrendered.

I had been an isolated, “solo drinker”. I hid my habits and lived my secret life alone. It was human connection that I needed, and I have found so much of it in the recovery community and the running community.

I am honored to run for The Herren Project, and hope that our efforts can bring connection and hope to those who are out there needing it.

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