Lauren Stephen Donovan

Lauren & Stephen Donovan

We are from Marshfield, Massachusetts, and are both nurses at hospitals in Boston, MA.

Why we chose to run NYC Marathon with Herren Project after Lauren found out about the Herren Project through a conversation and later joined one of their grief groups. As lifelong leisure runners, Lauren saw this as an opportunity to start doing something she loved again and what an honor to run in memory of her brother. Steve wouldn’t miss the opportunity to do this with Lauren and together, they hope that their journey to NYC has raised awareness for Herren Project and the important work they do for individuals and families.

We love spending time as a family at home or traveling to Newfound Lake in New Hampshire in our free time.

We are most proud of our families and how we have stayed close together through tragedy. Kevin had a way of taking care of and looking out for each of us. Now, we are finding out how to do that for each other.

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