Youth Ambassadors

Positive Youth Role Models Leading by Example and Making a Difference in Their Communities

Youth Ambassador

What it Means to be a Herren Project Youth Ambassador

Positively Impact Your School and Peers

Youth Prevention is very important to Herren Project! One of our goals at Herren Project is to empower today’s young people on a community and national level to be strong leaders and positive peer role models. Herren Project’s Youth Ambassador Board is a group of like-minded student leaders from across the country in grades 7-11 who want to serve as positive role models among their peers in leading a healthy, fulfilling, substance-free life and making a difference in their communities and nationally.

The input and voice of today’s youth is valued at Herren Project. We want to be a catalyst to mobilize youth to know they can make a change in their community or nationally! Being a Youth Ambassador means playing an active and decisive role in peer-to-peer activities within Herren Project Clubs, our youth conference and other important prevention initiatives at Herren Project.

The most important part of being a Herren Project Youth Ambassador is to BE YOU!

Download more information about the Youth Ambassador program here.

Meet the 2020 – 2021 Youth Ambassadors

Leaders in Their Community

Roles and Responsibilities for Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors play an active role in many of the youth engagement and prevention-orientated projects Herren Project sponsors throughout the year like Herren Project Clubs, Wellness Week with Herren and helping with our first national youth conference, Inspire.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in 1-hour monthly Zoom calls
  • Help increase engagement on Herren Project’s social media pages
  • Engage other youth with events, contests and activities that Herren Project is hosting
  • Help plan and prepare for Herren Project’s 2021 National Youth Inspire Conference
  • Collaborate with one another on fun events and ideas to implement in your community!
  • Encourage and empower other youth to live a healthy, fun, fulfilling lifestyle substance-free!
  • Most importantly: BE YOU!

Download more information about the Youth Ambassador program here.

Youth Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming a Herren Project Youth Ambassador?

One of Herren Project’s missions is to encourage a positive, healthy lifestyle among people of all ages, but especially youth! As a youth ambassador, you will have an important job to help continue to positively impact your school and peers!

Serving as a youth ambassador is a one-year commitment! The application process will open at the end of each school year and the new ambassadors will be announced each September.

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