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Recovery Housing & Coaching Scholarships

Bridging the Gap From Treatment to a Life in Recovery

Herren Project Recovery Scholarships

Why Sober Living and Recovery Coaching are Important to Recovery

Transitional sober living and recovery coaching offer many benefits to people recovering from addiction and are key to successful long-term recovery. Sober living facilities provide a safe, structured, healthy living environment to continue to work on what has been learned in treatment and build upon their sobriety while offering much-needed peer support. Recovery coaches help individuals affected by substance use disorder by providing guidance and direction on the journey to recovery. They develop and implement a recovery plan, ensure a strong support system is in place as well as make sure each person is using all the recovery tools available to best reach their goals.

At Herren Project, we view both as critical tools for those new to recovery in supporting their journey, providing for better recovery outcomes and sustainable addiction recovery.

Herren Project Recovery Housing Scholarships

Herren Project offers sober housing scholarships and recovery coaching mentors to positively support steps towards living a substance-free life. Recovery scholarship opportunities are available to those in treatment nationwide to provide financial and emotional support for those motivated to continue to heal their lives after treatment.

Approved candidates are given a chance to get back on their feet and transition into their new sober life in a safe and successful way without the immediate financial burden of paying rent right after treatment. Our goal is to support and empower individuals as they transition out of drug or alcohol addiction treatment and into recovery to help them establish a new, healthy lifestyle.

Scholarship Details

Financial assistance for rent at a vetted sober house for 7 weeks as follows:

  • 100% Weeks 1-4
  • 75% Week 5
  • 50% Week 6
  • 25% Week 7
  • Also, includes a recovery coach for a total of six months.

Applications are accepted and approved on a weekly basis. Due to program funding, not all applications can be approved. Candidates are eligible to receive funding once every two years.

Qualities of Potential Candidates

Candidates must be motivated to live in a structured, vetted sober house and be willing to work with assigned Herren Project recovery coaches.

  • Complete all treatment goals
  • Follow all treatment facility rules
  • Attend all groups on time
  • Be a peer leader
  • Be of service to others
  • Have a strong after-care plan in place
  • Develop a recovery plan
  • Attend outside meetings
  • Have a sponsor
  • Motivated for a life in recovery

How to Apply

Candidates must be in an addiction treatment program and be referred by a case manager or counselor, or be a current Herren Project client.

Case managers should reach out on behalf of their client. All candidates and case managers will be required to submit personal statements as to why they and their client deserve a scholarship, and how it will support their recovery goals.

To start the process, case managers or counselors should click here.

For additional questions, please contact

Impact Stories

Herren Project is proud of our recovery scholarship recipients who accepted the gift of recovery and rebuilt their lives with strength and inspiration. Our alumni share their personal stories to inspire others to know that recovery is possible.


of scholarship recipients completed the 7 week program attaining a minimum of 90 days of sobriety


61% of individuals who reached out Herren Project to take the first step towards recovery were placed in treatment

“Recovery doesn’t stop. We all just want to win the battle today to embrace another 24 hours with gratitude and hope.” – Chris Herren

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