Herren Project Clubs create a peer network in schools to empower youth to make healthy choices. They encourage overall wellness, development of coping skills and leadership in schools and communities. Through club meetings and events, students learn self-care, decision-making skills & stress management techniques so that they can cope with life’s challenges substance-free. The school communities that forms within Herren Project Clubs motivates students to be true to themselves and support one another.

If your school previously supported our retired THP Project Purple Initiative, you can now implement Chris Herren’s message year-round by implementing Herren Project Clubs. Learn more about our rebrand here.


Whether you already have a Herren Project Club at your school or you’re starting a new one, be sure to register with us! All registered schools receive exclusive access to our brand new digital toolkit and our fun, motivational posters!

What’s In The Toolkit?
• Tips on getting starting
• Suggestions for growing your club
• Fundraising ideas
• Case studies
• Resources


Our fully loaded toolkit with healthy coping skill activities will be mailed to all registered schools! We’ve worked with clinicians, teachers and community members to plan fun club activities that teach students healthy ways of coping with life’s challenges. We’re excited for you to see what’s in store. Register and stay tuned to receive this exciting new mailed toolkit!

herren project clubs booklet and posters
herren project clubs how we started


The program, formerly known as the THP Project Purple Initiative, was developed in 2012 after Chris Herren spoke at Mount Hope High School in Rhode Island. A group of students in the front row were wearing purple shirts. After Chris shared his story, one of those students raised her hand and said, “Thank you Mr. Herren for validating what we do. We are sober students and each year we choose to not use drugs or alcohol.” Chris was captured by the courage it took to stand up and share the symbolism of the purple shirts. He was inspired by their courage to make a difference for adolescents across the United States. Throughout the years, the initiative has grown into what we now call Herren Project Clubs.


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