Educational Webinars to Support Individuals Coping with Loved Ones Diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder


Educational Webinars for Family Members

Watching a loved one suffer from addiction to drugs, opioids or alcohol is a difficult position to find yourself in. Herren Project is committed to supporting family members through these times of crisis by providing helpful resources through informational and educational webinars. Our team of licensed counselors provide tools for family members to best support their loved one to work together toward a life in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

We host quarterly webinars focused on specific topics like setting boundaries, understanding codependency, and creating healthier relationships.

In addition, Kristin Young, MSW LICSW, Director of Clinical Services, hosts a one-hour Lunch & Learn via Zoom on the first Tuesday of the month at 12pm EST. Different guests and topics will be covered at each meeting, discussing various topics such as recovery housing, prevention, and Narcan. Herren Project is pleased to have Maureen Cavanagh from Magnolia New Beginnings, co-host these Lunch & Learn sessions once a quarter.

All webinars and Lunch & Learns sessions require registration. Check out the calendar of events to sign up.

Event Calendar

Previously Recorded Webinars

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Lunch and Learn Creating Healthier Relationships

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Lunch and Learn Prevention of Substance Misuse

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Lunch and Learn What You Need to Know About Narcan

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Supporting a Loved one with addiction

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