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Annual Giving

A Yearly Tradition of Giving to Empower People Affected by Substance Use Disorder

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The Empowerment Appeal

Join Herren Project every July to empower more people during the next fiscal year to live healthy, fulfilling lives free from the effects of addiction.

Throughout the month of July, Herren Project followers are asked to support our annual giving campaign, The Empowerment Appeal. This annual tradition, started in 2019, raises funds to directly support Herren Project’s mission to support, inspire and empower those affected by substance use disorder, one person, one family, one community at a time. All funds raised maintain the general operating expenses of Herren Project as well as support our treatment and prevention initiatives.

A yearly contribution to Herren Project in July provides us with a reliable foundation to allow us to not only improve our current programs and services for recovery and prevention of substance use disorder, but to add new services to those seeking help for the recovery of addiction and prevention of substance misuse.

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To plant a seed says, “I believe in tomorrow.”

To plant a seed on behalf of another says,

“I believe in YOU!”

Join Herren Project during the month of July, 2020 for our Annual Campaign, The Empowerment Appeal.  By making a donation to Herren Project, you will be planting a seed to empower other individuals to live a life free from the effects of addiction.

Read a personal message from our board president, Ryan Connolly and his wife Kerryn.

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Run with Team Herren ProjectJoin Team Herren Project in the Seeds of Hope Virtual Run

Never Underestimate the Power of a Planted Seed

Just like seeds transform into beautiful plants and flowers, these four inspiring men and women went through their own incredible transformation with the support of Herren Project, becoming powerful examples of recovery and healing thanks to someone believing in them.

Learn more about their stories

Plant a seed for tomorrow. Plant a seed for someone you believe in.

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Seeds of Hope Run

Other Ways to Support The Empowerment Appeal

Join us July 1st – 31st, in the Seeds of Hope Virtual Race to run across the country TOGETHER. During the month of July, Herren Project is raising funds and awareness through its Empowerment Annual Appeal to support, inspire & empower people nationwide affected by addiction. Join us in plant seeds of hope all across the country!

Team Herren Project:
Simply sign up to run with us or run and fundraise.  Learn more and register for the Seed of Hope Virtual Run.


Attention Teens!
Raise awareness & funds and run with Herren Project Clubs by participating in the Seeds of Hope Virtual Teen Run. Give back by raising funds and awareness for an important cause!

Teen Run Registration

Whether you donate, fundraise or participate in our virtual race, TOGETHER we will SUPPORT, INSPIRE & EMPOWER more individuals and families affected by substance use disorder to heal and live healthier, fulfilling lives substance-free in FY 2021.

Day of Giving

“The Empowerment Annual Appeal has become a vital part in our yearly fundraising efforts at Herren Project. In 2019, we were able to raise over $400,000 through the generosity of individuals and families across the country, the Team Herren Project community as well as through our committed partnerships with many private foundations. Thank you for supporting our mission year after year. We are blessed with an incredible community for which we are truly grateful. It is because of your efforts that we are able to continue to provide free resources and scholarships for those affected by substance use disorder like treatment placement assistance, recovery scholarships, family support groups and our evidence-informed prevention and wellness initiatives for schools and communities. Together, we recover.” – Kevin Mikolazyk, Executive Director

More About Herren Project

 Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder.

Treatment and recovery services include treatment placement assistance long-term recovery support for individuals and families, online support groups, as well as scholarships for treatment programs, recovery housing and recovery coaching.

Herren Project’s prevention and wellness initiatives provide schools and communities resources to prevent the misuse of drugs and alcohol. Herren Project Clubs and Wellness Week promote healthy choices, bringing positive awareness to the disease of addiction and empower individuals to cope with life’s challenges substance-free.

Thank you for walking with us on the journey to empower more people to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Empower Someone

“It is my goal to reach one student, one person and empower them to talk about the struggle.” – Chris Herren

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