Celebrating the Opportunities and Gifts a Life in Recovery Bring

treatment placement for substance abuse

As so many parents can relate, purpose in life is often found at first glimpse of their own child. Becoming a mother gave Tricia a profound sense of meaning, allowing her to focus on her son rather than alcohol. At 19 years old, Tricia knew she was an alcoholic, but the birth of her son was powerful enough to slow down her alcohol consumption. However, when her son left home at 18 to begin his life in adulthood, so too did her sense of purpose in life. Depression followed and her substance use disorder came back with a vengeance. She started using drugs and alcohol again to fill the void that was once occupied by her son’s presence.

After 8 years, the downhill slope that was shaped by Tricia’s dependence on drugs and alcohol had eventually turned into a cliff’s edge, and she was hanging on for her life. There was no bridge to save her, as she admits drugs and alcohol were the kindle to burn any remaining life lines that were once available in her life – or so she thought.

In a moment of clarity, Tricia remembered she once had a working relationship with Kevin and JoJo Mikolazyk. Initially, Tricia was apprehensive about reaching out for help. On one hand, she wanted to die. On the other, she desperately wanted to live, but didn’t think she could do so without the drugs and alcohol. In February 2017, Tricia’s will to live outweighed her desire to embrace death, and she reached out to Herren Project for help.

Upon reaching out, Herren Project immediately placed Tricia in a detox followed by residential treatment and sober living arrangements. Tricia was also assigned a recovery coach to act as a guide and support system through her newfound sobriety. Tricia says the services Herren Project provided saved her life that was once in shambles, “[Herren Project] believed in me. They stuck with me through it all. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help and support.”

Today, Tricia celebrates all of the opportunities and gifts that a life in recovery bring. Tricia now works at the same treatment center that she attended two years prior. She attends meetings, has run for Team Herren Project in a 5k, and surrounds her heart with gratitude at the amazing things she’s able to accomplish in sobriety.

Tricia realizes that her substance use disorder was not just destructive to her own life, but her family’s lives as well. While she now has her family back, her relationship with her son is still on the mend. Tricia admits that the damage that was inflicted on her relationship with her son over 8 years will take time to heal, but as long as she is free from drugs and alcohol, the process of reconciliation will continually have positive results. While it is hard to accept that her relationship with her son will not mend overnight, she is grateful for every step that leads her back to her son. As she states so beautifully, “A grateful heart will never use.”

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