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Join The 24 Club

Be a Game Changer by Making a Difference Every Month

What is the “24 Club”

Donate monthly and become part of a special team of men and women committed to support, inspire and empower individuals, families and communities in the recovery and prevention of substance use disorder nationwide.

There are many positions on a basketball team needed for success, all equally important. Each player has a specific role and collectively they come together to work towards one common goal. That goal at Herren Project is to support, inspire and empower those affected by substance use disorder. Monthly giving allows us to reach that goal by helping us to plan better and sustain not only our future, but the future of individuals and families seeking recovery.

The 24 Club is a team of faithful monthly donors, big and small, to Herren Project. They are the ultimate Game Changers. Men and women from across the country who believe together we can and will recover from and overcome addiction, one person, one family, one community at a time.

Whether you give $10 a month or $1000, we want you on our team! When you make the commitment to give monthly to Herren Project you will become part of this dedicated team, the 24 Club. A group of men and women, making an impact in the lives of individuals and families and in schools and communities all across the country.

Chris Herren The 24 Club

provides 5 healing packages to families affected by addiction

provides 5 schools with a Herren Project Club toolkit

provides 24 hours of recovery coaching

provides 12 weeks of one online family support group

provides 12 people with treatment placement assistance

provides 4 recovery scholarships

Why Give Monthly?

Monthly gifts create a reliable source of funding that Herren Project can count on to assure more men and women can take the first step towards recovery from drugs and alcohol, help more families begin to heal and take positive strides toward the prevention of addiction and breaking the stigma.

It’s easy! Simplify your giving with automatic monthly deductions from your credit card. Save time and paper.

It’s essential! Your gift can be used right away to help those affected by substance use disorder. Automatic monthly donations provide consistent support that allows Herren Project to help even more people every month, so more men and women have the chance for long-term recovery.

It has benefits! Being part of the 24 Club comes with exclusive benefits like:

  • Welcome package
  • Yearly message from our founder, Chris Herren
  • Exclusive 24 Club gift on your yearly “donorversary”
  • 24% off all Herren Project gear
  • Exclusive newsletter every other month
  • Annual impact statement every January with your tax-deductible giving history
  • Dedicated staff member to answer your questions
Join the 24 Club

How to Become a 24 Club Member

When you make the commitment to give monthly to Herren Project you will become part of this dedicated team that makes a long-term impact.

Set up Your Donation

  • Commit to a minimum of one year’s worth of monthly donations
  • Make your commitment by following the donate link below
  • Choose the amount you would like to contribute per month
  • Select “monthly” under the donation frequency drop down
  • You’re all set! It’s that easy!

What to Expect

  • You will receive a welcome package from Herren Project
  • You can look forward to a yearly gift on your “donorversary”

“The people you help become part of you. We share that struggle together. The miracle is when you see their lives change and transition into something they never imagined.” – Chris Herren

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