A New Life Free From Addiction

What started with casual drinking and smoking marijuana at the age of 12, Jodi’s relationship with substances eventually took a dark turn with the introduction of cocaine, prescription pain killers, and heroin. There was an internal battle that Jodi was fighting in that she knew she had a problem and had no control over her addiction, however on the inside there was a darkness that she finds hard to describe. At one point, Jodi stopped using but she makes the important distinction that she was not in recovery, rather she was in sobriety – the difference being that she wasn’t doing the internal work necessary to truly heal from the effects of substance use disorder.  As a result, she relapsed and found herself right back at square one using the same substances that granted her a temporary escape in the past. On one fateful day, Jodi overdosed on what she describes was a very small line of heroin. Later on, that same day, Jodi decided she needed help and reached out to Herren Project in hopes that she could once and for all, commit to recovery and break free from the chains of addiction.

Within two days of her phone call with Herren Project, Jodi was in a treatment center getting the help she desperately needed. Jodi was awarded a scholarship through the Herren Project Recovery Scholarship program and throughout her thirty-day treatment, Herren Project was is in contact to check up on her progress and well-being.

Jodi’s life now is not one of sobriety, but one of recovery.  She has learned to change her outlook on life, how she responds to stress, and has established behaviors that are favorable towards long-term recovery. The darkness that once consumed her has been lifted through the gift of recovery and her relationships with her kids, granddaughter, friends and family are flourishing as a result. Her hope now is that anyone struggling with substance use disorder will reach out to Herren Project and receive the same support that has turned her life around.

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