Raising Awareness & Encouraging Wellness

Since its inception, the growth and impact of Herren Project has been the result of the supporters and advocates that have dedicated their time, effort, and strength to make this organization what it has become today.  A proud and active member of Team Herren Project as well as a Herren Project Ambassador, Suzanne has been with the organization from the very beginning and has been a messenger of hope by spreading awareness of the disease of addiction and what Herren Project represents.

Suzanne has experienced the effects of substance use disorder first-hand, having grown up as a child with an alcoholic family member.  The friendships and connections she’s made through her years of running with Team Herren Project has helped her to heal from things she didn’t know she was really struggling with from her past. When she heard the stories of strength and hope from those around her, she realized the importance of opening up and talking about the emotions and pain she had been hiding from the majority of her life.

Suzanne’s story is a powerful testament that the people who are impacted by substance use disorder are not only the one’s struggling with the disease, but the family and loved ones around them as well.  Having healed from her past, Suzanne is now making a difference in the lives of others who have experienced the same struggles of having a loved one with substance use disorder. Along with Team Herren Project, Herren Project itself offers a variety of resources for the people impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder including free 15-minute phone consultations with licensed clinicians and online support groups.

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