One Man’s Journey of Addiction Recovery

Like so many who turn to substances, Cody grew up using substances as a way of coping with life’s struggles. His substance use led him down a dark path of harrowing depression. At a young age, Cody’s substance use evolved from marijuana and alcohol to much more dangerous drugs, including opioids and heroin, all in attempt to mask the feelings about himself that he did not like. A snowball effect started to materialize, as the more Cody used drugs and alcohol to alleviate his internal pain, the more he disliked himself. The storm brewing in Cody’s mind put him on the edge, having attempted suicide as a means to escape the tumultuous, combined winds of substance use disorder and the depravity of self-worth.

Beside herself, his mom pleaded with him to reach out to Herren Project. She provided him with a link to the Herren Project website that allows those is need of help to easily get in touch with the Herren Project team. Cody remembers filling out the form as a means to appease his mom, but within a couple of hours, Herren Project reached out to him over the phone to offer him the assistance he needed. Herren Project helped place Cody into treatment and continues to support him on his recovery journey to this day. After his initial treatment, Herren Project helped place Cody in a halfway house and upon completion, provided him with a scholarship towards a sober living facility and a recovery coach. The scholarship allowed Cody to adjust to his new life in sobriety at a manageable pace, while his recovery coach offered guidance and hope towards his long term goals and daily challenges.

Cody attributes his success to the support he received from Herren Project, referring to them like a family that made him feel whole. Today, Cody is an active member in the Herren Project alumni program where he attends monthly meetings and outings to reconnect with the people and environment that fostered his recovery.

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If you are struggling but ready to recover, Herren Project is here to provide you with help getting into treatment for addiction and substance use disorder. Get help now.