Turning A New Leaf & Healing From Addiction

Having to deal with trauma at a very young age is one of the most common characteristics of people suffering from substance use disorder. Early in her life, Lisa’s trauma led her on a search for an escape from the haunting memories that plagued her young mind. The euphoria she experienced from her first sip of alcohol allowed her to block out the emotions that anyone in their childhood would be unable to comprehend. Lisa spent most of her life hiding the pain that was tormenting her spirit from everyone, including her family. Having never addressed the pain of her past, she depended on substances for 38 years unless she was incarcerated or in a program. It wasn’t until Lisa was shown a video that her daughter had taken of her while under the influence that Lisa decided she didn’t want to live life hiding from her past anymore.

As Lisa was nearing the end of her treatment she wanted to do all she could to continue her new life in recovery, but knew she lacked the financial means to do that successfully. On behalf of her case manager, Lisa applied for a recovery scholarship through the Herren Project Scholarship program. Herren Project was able to provide Lisa a scholarship for recovery housing as well as recovery coaching. The seven-week housing scholarship provided Lisa the time to settle into her new life in recovery without the immediate pressure and stress of finding a job. Additionally, Lisa’s recovery coach provided her with guidance and the tools necessary to address the inner work that was essential to Lisa’s success in recovery. In January, 2020, Lisa celebrated one year in recovery.

Today, Lisa remains active in the Herren Project alumni family and is the manager of a recovery house – a position she never dreamed she would have in just a short time prior. Lisa believes the most rewarding part of her recovery journey is learning to be a mother to her children again, as she says, “My heart’s not sick; my soul’s not sick anymore…I like my life. I’m going to keep it this way.” Herren Project is honored to walk alongside Lisa on her road to recovery.

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