Empowering Others to be Substance-Free

Like so many stories of substance use disorder begin, Aubrey’s introduction to alcohol and drugs was at home at a very young age.  Growing up, Aubrey’s home life was that of a continuous party; people coming and going with alcohol and drugs while Aubrey sat by and observed this impressionable behavior.  It was the only life Aubrey had ever known, so when it came to drinking and using drugs at the age of 13, it seemed familiar and normal.  However, as Aubrey grew up, so too did his dependence on drugs and alcohol to the point where it became a part of his identity. Aubrey struggled with not knowing who he was as a person and felt robbed of the relationships he was missing with his family. A fateful day arrived when Aubrey had reached his emotional pain threshold and he decided it was time to turn his life over to recovery and make a change.

After residential treatment, Aubrey was met with the same dilemma that many patients leaving rehabilitation centers face: “Where do I go now?”  Aubrey knew from experience that returning to an environment that was not conducive to recovery would most likely result in a relapse but he lacked the means necessary to continue treatment through sober living arrangements.  An acquaintance suggested reaching out to Herren Project and we were more than happy to assist and guide Aubrey through the next chapter of his recovery.  Herren Project was able to place Aubrey in a recovery house with a recovery scholarship and provided him with a recovery coach to guide him through this crucial phase in his life.

Today, not only is Aubrey thriving in recovery, he has started a youth movement, The Dweeb Movement, focused on educating children about mental health, as well as kindness, so they can possibly avoid taking the same path he did.

Additionally, Aubrey’s relationship with his family and loved one’s has never been better.  He is now a present father for his children and is able to provide them with love and support.  Aubrey’s future, for the first time in his life, is something he looks forward to with excitement and gratitude.

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